JAD - Jorgensen Album Designer



Our Jorgensen Album Designer (JAD) software allows you to create your bespoke album from scratch and puts the entire design process in your hands.  You can choose from over fifty cover materials, numerous cover designs and create every page form scratch to showcase your unique style of photography. Once you have finished designing your albums you can create a professional slideshow or pdf proof to send to your clients. Once your clients have approved the design you simply order the album and prints through the software.

If you have any JAD queries please contact Jorgensen Albums via sales@jorgensenalbums.com.


Before downloading JAD please make sure your computer meets all the requirements:

MAC users

  1. JAD requires JAVA to be installed, JAVA update 331 for MAC
  2. Now download and run the JAD installer – JorgensenAlbumDesigner64bit.jnlp

Windows 64-bit users

  1. JAD requires JAVA to be installed, JAVA update 331 for Windows
  2. Now download and run the JAD installer – JorgensenAlbumDesigner64bit.jnlp

    Minimum Hardware 

    Processor > 300 MHz  |  Memory > 1.5 Gb RAM  | Disk Space > 250 Mb Free


    1. Click here  to register for the JAD software.
    2. Fill in the form in the window that opens up
    3. You will then receive an automatic registration email with a download link
    4. Follow the instructions in the email!

    If you choose to print and assemble your own albums, we recommend you upgrade to the FULL VERSION of JAD. The FULL VERSION allows you to export high res images from the software to send off to your local lab for printing.

    To register for the FULL VERSION JAD, simply go to FILE > ACTIVATION/REGISTRATION, select "Request Activation Code". The code will automatically fill the box. Then select "Activate".


    Check out our FAQ and Support Page! For an introduction to JAD, why not watch our JAD Tutorial Videos on YouTube?


     If you are having issues launching JAD, follow these steps:

    1. Delete JAD from your desktop, dock & application folder;
    2. Download JAD again (see instructions above). The latest version should solve the issue.

    This will not affect any old album designs or mats.

    In your System Preferences (Mac), or Programmes (PC) you will find the Java control panel where you can check for Java updates.

    Then that should be it! If you get stuck at all, please feel free to contact us!