Jorgensen Albums deals exclusively with professional photographers.

If you are a professional photographer, please register here to gain access to our wholesale pricing and online store. If you are already registered, login to your account at the top of the page before beginning.

If you are a retail client that has received photos from your photographer; and would like to organise a bespoke album for yourself - please refer to our retail client page.

Step One: Choose your album type

If you're unsure about the type of album you would like, refer to our Album Comparison Chart to help you see the differences between our products. Still confused? Just contact us and we can talk it through!

Step Two: Make your album choices

Select Shape

  • Square

  • Vertical [Rectangle]

  • Horizontal [Rectangle]

Select Size

Keep in mind sizes that don't match you shape will be marked as 'Unavailable'

  • Square | 8x8" | 10x10" | 12x12"

  • Vertical [Rectangle] | 12x8" | 14x10"

  • Horizontal [Rectangle] | 8x12" | 10x14" |12x16"

Select Design

  • 'Bring In Existing'
    You’ve designed your album in another software.

  • 'Design Your Own'
    Blank pages allow you to design from scratch.

  • 'Sample Spreads' 
    Pre-designed page layouts to get you started.

Step Three: Personalise

Click the 'Personalise' button to open the album choices window.
Please note: This button will not appear unless you are logged in to your Jorgensen account.


This is where you can really start to personalise your album, with the below options:

  • Cover Material*
  • Cover Emboss
  • Opaque Fly Sheet
  • Studio Logo
  • Paper Type*
  • Album Packaging*
  • Studio Sample
  • Colour Profile*
*Required to proceed

Step Four: Set Up & Design

Click 'Design Now' to open the Jorgensen Album design tool and start the layout process.

  • Before uploading your image files - they should be named sequentially i.e 001,002; to ensure the softwares AUTO-FILL feature can perform at it's best.

The ? button in the top right hand corner, will link to the FAQ page if you run into any trouble.

  • Don't forget to name your project (top right hand corner) - this is a handy reference for everyone!

Step Five: Ordering

The 'Save & Add to Cart' button sends you to the album ordering page. 

  • Add any special instructions in the window provided (client reference, direct to customer etc.).

  • You have the option to pick up in-store OR have your album delivered within Australia.

  • Please allow 6 - 8 weeks turn around on all bespoke orders

Please double check your album choices before payment. We do not allow changes to albums once you have successfully checked out and paid for your album. If you have any questions, give us a call!