Branding YOUR products & packaging solutions is a beautiful way to ensure that each and every one of your product offerings is reflective of your brand.

Your logo is applied carefully to your products using a semi-automatic embossing machine.  We create an unique embossing block of your logo based on the files you send us which we use on all your branded product orders (Tip: See below for notes on sending us your Logo file). We can emboss your logo on nearly all of our products in Black, White, Brown, Clear, Silver or Gold.*

Minimum Order

There is no minimum order, however, for affordability we recommend a minimum of five items.

Logo Artwork

Your Logo artwork will remain the same size for the entire order and cannot be altered once the logo block is created.  If you would like to have two different size logos created,  you will need to place an order for two logo blocks. You can change the colour of your logo for each order at no additional cost.  Tips for Logo Artwork:

  • All logos must be black and white for embossing purposes. No shading will appear on your logo as it will be one solid colour.
  • Very detailed images, small fonts or fine lines will not emboss well.  You may wish to consider removing any detailed sections of your logo before sending us the image.
  • Keep in mind the size should be no larger than a standard business card.

Turn Around

Please add an additional 7-10 working days (approximately) for us to brand your order.


Please contact us for prices and branding options.